(Or Happy 2016!)

January is more than halfway over and the Skope is returning after a holiday hiatus. On New Year’s Day my family reminisced about our favorite memories in 2015. For me, 2015 was a year filled with travel. I realized that roughly 80% of my trips were related to Microbiology/graduate studies. Even better, over half of these journeys were to places I had never visited before: Georgia (the Country), California, Toronto. Travel is an important component (and perk!) throughout the career of a researcher: conferences, college visits, collaborations, grad school interviews, laboratory workshops, international post-doc positions, global summits, lecture series, and more. Networking during these events provides valuable opportunities to exchange ideas, share research, learn from experts, and develop contacts—the topic of an upcoming Skope post. New posts coming 🙂

I’m grateful for opportunities to travel, learn, network, blog, and research in 2015. Thank you. These are some of my favorite science-related 2015 memories (both in Canada/US and abroad).

Scope 2015

Here’s to new adventures for all of us during 2016. Happy Exploring!

6 thoughts on “EXPLORE

  1. Jim Hayward

    Hi Kylynda!

    Thanks for the excellent blog. Just heard that a study came out on the microbiomes of newborns, and another on the microbiomes of corpses! So there’s certainly a lot to explore. Glad you had a great vacation. Good luck in the new academic term.

    Happy 2016!


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  2. Madeline Johnston

    Very nice! Some of these I recognize, and some I don’t. I wish they were labeled. Is that Butchart Gardens in the upper right? It doesn’t look exactly as I remember it from one visit many years ago, but they probably do make changes from time to time. Beautiful, anyway.


    1. KCBauer Post author

      Hello Madeline-I haven’t been to Butchart Gardens yet, but I’d love to visit. Give my greetings to your family: Top (L-R) Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, Vancouver (CAN)/ Light House near Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown (US) / Rose Gardens at UBC (CAN) // Middle (L-R) Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi (GEORGIA) / University of Chicago (US) / Marienplatz Munich (GER) // Bottom (L-R) Badlands National Park (US) / View of Golden Gate Bridge (US)



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